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Are you ready to take your business to new heights? At Resocial Technology, we understand the effectiveness of Email marketing for businesses to generate leads, engage with existing customers, and in creating a marketing list.

Being one of the best email marketing agency in Pune, we are expert in doing email marketing we are already serving more than 200+ clients in the various industry and able to help them with there email marketing objective.

Resocial Technology has deep expertise in the email marketing, we help business with email automation, email campaign creating, email campaign designing and account setup.


Why Resocial Technology's SEO Service?

Personalised Strategies

Personalised email marketing strategy based your audience, industry and objective not matter Whether you are looking to nurture it, increase sales or enhance customer loyalty, we have got you covered with our strategy.

Compelling Email Copy

Email marketing is all our open rate and engagement rate.Our Skilled copywriter will craft relevent and engaging email copy to captivates audience.Be attention grabbing subject line or percuvasive call to action button every element of email is optimised to maximum impact

Data Gathering & Enrichment

Our data gathering go beyond the tradition demographics we delve into We delve into customer behavior, preferences, engagement history.

Campaign Optimisation

We continually analysed and optimised email campaign to ensure its align with the audience trends.

Some of the most popular Elements of email marketing service in Pune.

  • Email account creating
  • Data gathering and enrichment
  • Email copy creating
  • Segmentation
  • call to action
  • Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Follow up and nurturing

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Free Traffic (Cost effective)

Email marketing drives free High quality traffic.

Lead or Sales Generation

Help you build high quality sales pipeline by generation relevant leads.

High ROI

Significant result with low investment.

Customer Engagement

Two way communication with the client, Encourage feedback.

Measurable Results

Analytics to track and measure the impact of email campaign.

Personalization Opportunities

Tailor to the need of individual preferences through personalization.

FAQ's for Email Marketing Provider in Pune

We distinguish ourselves in marketing based on strategy, expertise in various niches, personalised solutions and commitment to delivering tangible results.